Framework agreement between WTC-MACRO Group and Schlötter Svenska AB, extended.

WTC-MACRO Group and Schlötter Svenska AB agreed to extend the 4-years framework agreement which was concluded between the companies in June 2010. The companies agreed today to prolong the agreement that will govern the deliveries of water, air and surface treatment plants in the period up to 2016. The companies will also before end of year 2014 sign contracts for the delivery of two of the planned water treatment and surface treatment projects to be implemented during the first and the second halfs of year 2015. Several other projects are under negotiation and expected to be contracted during next year based on this framework agreement.

Plant Export Manager of Schlötter Svenska AB, Torbjörn Eriksson and CEO of WTC-MACRO Group Hamid Al-Sultani signed the framework agreement extention.

„The framework agreement gives WTC-MACRO the opportunity to perform its capabilities espacially the engineering services and products provided for the galvanic industries.“ says Hamid Al-Sultani, CEO of WTC-MACRO Group. „It is highly pleasing that WTC-MACRO has managed to come up with a competitive and forward-looking delivery model. By so doing, WTC-MACRO has demonstrated that cost-reduction measures and increased efficiency do bear fruit, added Hamid Al-Sultani.

„This agreement ensures greater consistency and secures Schlötter the access to competitive capacity and safe supplies, while maintaining quality of our plants that will be crucial to our forthcoming business developments,“ said Torbjörn Eriksson, Plant Export Manager of Schlötter Svenska AB. „Through this agreement Schlötter has secured safe and cost-effective deliveries at internationally competitive terms. The agreement is also a tool for further industrialisation and standardisation of our mutually developed plants and technologies, which will be of significance in securing long-term competitiveness,“ states Torbjörn Eriksson.

Nitra, Slovakia, 12th November, 2014

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Mr. Haimid Al-Sultani, CEO WTC-MACRO Group, tel: 00421 911 489648,

Mr. Torbjörn Eriksson, Plant Export Manager Schlötter Svenska AB, tel: 0046 705728405,