18.05.2023  10:00 - 11:00

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Austrian Chamber

We invite you to a webinar organized by our colleagues at the Slovak-Austrian Chamber of Commerce on topic:

“The art of influencing – techniques of influence ”

These are the principles and techniques using knowledge of behavioral economics and psychology on how to effectively influence the other side.

Their application is in management, sales, marketing and so on. These are, for example, principles of how to increase interest, or creating a feeling of scarcity, curiosity, sense of loss, psychology of dealing with numbers, percentages, etc. Subsequently, they can be combined in various ways according to the context.

Lecturer:            Mr. Viktor Kostický, sales & leadreship trainer & consultant

Language:           English

Participation free of charge for members.

Registration before 17 May 2023 at swedcham@sweden.sk

Webinar link will be sent to the registered participants.

For information in Slovak language please see the invitation below:

Webinar Invitation_18 May 2023_Slovak